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SERVPRO Sponsors A Local Charitable Golf Outing

SERVPRO Sponsors Local Charitable Golf Outing

We love when our community members reach out to us to help when disaster strikes, but did you know we can help in other ways too?
If you're organizing a fund raising or charitable event, we would be happy to hear from you then too! After all, helping our communities is the name of our game.

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Visible Mold on Decking in an attic

Mold in Eaton County Attic

Sometimes you can end up with mold in areas where you least expect it. Even if your basement doesn't get wet and your roof doesn't leak. Mold can be caused by a variety off situations. In this particular case, there was a build up of condensation in the attic due to ventilation issues. We were able to inspect and give the customer a good plan of action to get the problem fixed so we could re-mediate the mold. 

Mold in a closet

Discovery of Mold in Eaton County Home

Mold can hide itself in crawlspaces, closets, basements or wherever an area that holds moisture can be. It is important to make sure than any water damage you have is properly mitigated and that in areas that tend to hold more moisture, such as basements, that you have a dehumidifier set. This will help to keep the area dry. It is also important that in areas that tend to have moisture, that you don't stack contents up against the walls. 

Damage Behind Wallpaper

Hidden Mold Growth in Eaton County

Many times there can be mold damage in a home where the residents aren't even aware of it. This particular issues started as a roof leak in a home where the homeowner rarely went upstairs. When some of the wallpaper peeled off we were called to take care of the damages. 

Extensive damage in foreclosed home

Mold Loss in Eaton County

This mold loss happened after a roof leak on a foreclosed home. It went unnoticed for an extended period of time which allowed the mold to spread throughout the entire home.