Recent Before & After Photos

Commercial Water Damage

This water damage happened after a small fire in an empty building set the sprinkler system off. Thankfully for the fire, the sprinkler system was working! And ... READ MORE

Mold Damage Can Hide In Plain Sight

Mold will grow in any damp area such as under a sink like in this Eaton County home. Many people use vanities and cupboards under sinks for storage. This custom... READ MORE

Mold Infestation in Eaton County Business

This Eaton County business discovered extensive mold growth in their basement, thanks to leaking steam heat systme that went undetected for an unknown amou... READ MORE

Hurricane Harvey

Hurricane Harvey hit the Gulf Coast at the end of August 2017. Coastal communities were devastated by a storm that just refused to quit. Harvey made landfa... READ MORE

The Cat House in Lansing, MI

After the tenant moved out of the home, it was discovered that they were hoarding and keeping many feral cats. We cleaned the entire home and sealed so that it ... READ MORE

Crawl Space

This scrawl space had a family of cats move in. After they were removed the whole house smell like cats. We were asked to come in and clean the crawl space and ... READ MORE

Electrical Fire in St. Johns, MI

What To Expect:  When we visit your home after a fire loss, we will scope the effected areas to determine the extent of the loss. We will always pretest a... READ MORE

Frozen Pipes in Delta Township, MI

What to Expect When you call, we will ask several questions regarding your water damage emergency. These questions will help us determine what equipment and re... READ MORE

Oh Deer!

Recently we recieved a call on a Saturday night from the local police department that we were need to do a board up at a local business. Apparently a deer jumpe... READ MORE

Carpet Cleaning

Sometimes its hard to tell how bad your carpets really need to be cleaned until after you have them cleaned. Our certified techncians have been trained in all o... READ MORE